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A custom-designed home is a home that has been designed to meet the needs and lifestyle of your family today and well into the future.

Those needs include:
space, light, ventilation, external and internal aesthetics, natural views, acoustics, energy efficiency, safety, environmental harmony (including Feng Shui), local building codes, and resale value.
For a custom design of an Ultra Modern or Contemporary home, we will need to know more about your family and lifestyle. We have designed an online Client Requirements Form. You may click on this form to see the kinds of questions that we ask. When you are ready, you can complete it online. After we have had a chance to review it, we will contact you to discuss your vision of your new home. We will also give you a quotation showing the cost of your custom home design.
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We design for lot locations anywhere you wish to build! We will do the 'creative' schematic design that is appropriate for your location and meets your family's needs. If desired, we can work with a local engineer in your area who understands the local conditions and building codes in order to produce the final set of Construction Drawings.


If you are not located in the Southern California Area, we will do most of our communication through email or phone/ internet conference. Fortunately, the use of online technology lets us easily communicate and refine the final design to meet your needs. By special request, we can create a website for each custom project to allow current clients access to their drawings/ plans while they are being developed. This site will have the uploaded designs for your viewing and commenting; for sharing with family and friends, your builder, and your material suppliers for quoting.

This 'online design' concept means that you save a lot of money since we will not spend time traveling. The time will be spent more productively in designing your beautiful new home. However if it is important to you, we can arrange for a personal visit by the designer.

The cost of your design will depend upon whether we will be doing just the Schematic Design with floor plans (in AutoCad computer-based format) and computer-rendered facade elevation design, OR the complete Construction Drawings Set, which are all of the ARCHITECTURAL drawings needed to build your new home. Click here to know more about our Scope Of Services.
To begin the design phase, we will need more information including:
Your lot plan indicating the compass orientation (to calculate sun angles). Include topography plan if your lot is sloping.
The local subdivision's design standards and covenants (if building in a deed-restricted community). We will also contact the state and county for their building code requirements.
A series of overlapping photos taken from your lot so that we may stitch them together to create a panorama. This will allow us to see the neighboring structures and desirable views.
Tree survey (if necessary) to minimize destruction of desirable vegetation.
Soil analysis If your area has certain types of soils, e.g. swelling clays, rock outcroppings. We may need this soil analysis if we do the “Permit Set Plans”.
And of course, the initial design fee.
If you are not certain about the next step, click here for a free consultation. We can have a brief chat about your needs, and about how we can begin the design of your new dream home.
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