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Our vision is to provide you with a creative, beautiful and healthy Ultra Modern & Contemporary home design that is comfortable and fun to live in. Custom home designs are affordable (the Schematic Design can cost as little as 1% of the construction cost), and the process need not be complicated. Your new home is one of the largest investments that you will ever make. You have already done a thorough financial analysis. Now is the time for a thorough and professional home design. The proper residential design will maximize the return on your investment.

Whether you choose an Ultra Modern & Contemporary custom design or one of our new Pre-Designed "Stock Plans", you will have an innovative home that optimizes movement, space, light, and ventilation. We know that the 'floor plan' is the heart of your new home. The exterior look (elevation facade and architectural theme) follows from the floor plan and the appropriate style to meet your architectural taste.

If you want an Ultra Modern & Contemporary custom home design, we believe that by asking the right questions in the beginning and through an easy interactive process, we can arrive at
  an optimum design that fits your needs. By taking the time to complete our Client Requirements Form online, you will provide us with much of the information that we need to design your optimum custom home. Just add information and photos about your lot and some ideas from you about what you like in a design, and you have done most of the work. We may also need copies of the Community Building Guidelines and Ordinances and a Topography Survey if you have a sloping lot. From these we can create an Ultra Modern/Contemporary custom home design that meets your vision.

Through this interactive process, you will work personally with acclaimed residential designer Cynthia Leif. For clients who couldn't meet the designer personally, we offer our online home design services. By special request, we can create a website for each custom project to allow current clients access to their drawings/ plans while they are being developed. 

Click here to learn more about our design process. View our gallery of Ultra Modern & Contemporary Custom Home Designs or browse our selection of Ultra Modern & Contemporary Pre-designed Stock Plans.
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